Buddha’s sanctuary: ignite your sexual energy with lexxi

Food for thought: The skin contains 100-200 touch receptors per square inch... think of it as one huge erogenous zone. Stimulation releases hormones that relax and uplift.

I'm back and ready for some spiritual sex energy healing.

A big part of sacred sexuality is learning to love our sex energy.

By learning how to circulate and simulate the sexual energy, which is a very powerful force, we can become more in tune with the person we want to be and that can be very beneficial to living a more fulfilling life.

Connecting with Lexxi

• Safe & Discreet - - Always.
• Special techniques introduced in session.
• Private Office.

• IG: Blissfultantra (posted last week)
Feel free to google my number ;)

Disclaimer: I realize I may not be for everyone and everyone isn't for me... just here trying to find a connection.


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