Come and enjoy a relaxing and stimulating massage....who’s next? the best glute massage in the city!!!!

All work and NO Play is absolutely no way to live.
My name is Brenda, I’m a licensed massage therapist and I want to help you balance the two.
Come and RELAX with me.....

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

I have a unique set of SKILLS, that I have no one to try out on. I have perfected these skills and they are GUARANTEED to make your body QUIVER, your soul TINGLE and your mind wonder WHY? you hadn't tried me sooner. What you've been missing is ME. There are so many carbon copy, no skilled wannabes that have you guys so confused you don’t know who’s who or which is what. Well....I’m the answer TRY ME, it will be a session like you've NEVER ever had before. Be good to yourself. SELF CARE is the BEST care and I'll give it to you.

Let ME pay attention to YOU and YOUR body!

Let ME give you THERAPY!


MASSAGE Session Lengths
-60 minutes (1 hour) GOOD
-90 minutes (1 1/2 hours) BETTER
-120 minutes (2 hours) BEST

(No judgement the session is all up to you)

I also have 2 add-ons!! (IMPECCABLE HYGIENE REQUIRED)
**Gluteal Workout $$
----in this add-on I work on the muscles of the butt isolated and in detail. From the maximus, medius and minimus.
**Inguinal Treatment $$
----in this add-on I work on the muscles of the inner thigh isolated and in detail. From the outer thigh to the inner and the pelvic area.

***Request my VIP MASSAGE session***
it includes both add-ons for an amazing pamper session.

Sessions may contain a sprinkle of....
(Swedish) light, med or firm, (Esalen) long strokes, (Thai) body parts on your body, (Deep Tissue) more intense pressure, and the light calmness of the (Feather) strokes all combine in the session of your dreams.

Please request draping preference at our meeting.

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